Xiaomi Mi 8 Review

Xiaomi Mi 8 Review

Xiaomi Mi 8 Review

Xiaomi Mi 8 came to market in June this year and still is a most sought after Smartphone by many users. Many websites come with outstanding offers as Christmas is on its way.

Xiaomi Mi 8 was unbeatable in the market last week of Black Friday day. It has also entered the UK market recently and changing the game of the mobile industry. The price is low with its outstanding features. The camera is of greater quality and takes spectacular photos.

Let us see the Xiaomi Mi 8 review about design, specifications and other features of this great smartphone to help you have a deeper perspective.

Design of Xiaomi MI 8

The design is sleek and stylish compared to the other versions of Android and Xiaomi phones. An infrared face recognition camera is available. Mi8 has two sharing cameras: a double pixel 12 MP primary camera and another 12 MP camera for zooming.

When you take a first look on Xiaomi Mi 8, you can feel the design was already known. It has a design similar to iPhone X. If you keep the two phones side by side, you can barely notice any difference. The dual cameras are placed on the left corner similar to iPhone X. The speaker grills are also in the same position as an iPhone. You can afford Xiaomi MI 8 easily for the same design as iPhone X. However, the body of the phone is made of Gorilla glass that is not easily breakable. It highly shatters resistant and it cannot be easily scratched.

Display features

The screen size is about 6.21 inches. Xiaomi Mi 8 display is larger compared to other Mi phones. As the phone provides wider screen space to the app, that helps in offering fun browsing and multimedia experience.   

The resolution is 1080×2248 with a 402 Pixels per Inch (PPI). Xiaomi Android phone has come up with exciting AMOLED display panel. They used HDR display to brighten dark areas and to keep the colors more accurate. It also helps in saving the battery. It modifies the brightness that is safer for the audience and does not irritate eyes if used for a longer time.

Hardware and performance

To boost performance and to make in line with all the flagship smartphones launched in 2018, Xiaomi Mi 8 also has Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

Like other Android phones, the standard model of Mi phone has a storage memory of 64Gb. Other models are available in 128 GB and 256 GB variants. MicroSD support is not available like other phones. So choosing high variant RAM is considered a better option. Xiaomi Mi 8 has a good battery life of 3300mAh battery. It cannot be compared to other android phones but stands longer than Mi 6. Performance is very good after many testing results. Even after installation and running of many apps, there are no major lockups on the phone.

Software on the Xiaomi MI 8

The software development made by Xiaomi is a well-known fact for every gadget geeks. They update new software every week. It runs on MIUI 9.5 Oreo version and other features such as dual app windows, a one-handed mode for smaller hands, and quick ball option for easy access are available. It comes with Xiao AI, an assistant that helps you to access through voice. But it speaks in Mandarin and if you do not know the language it is of no use. Instead, you can use Google assistant.

Camera features

To be honest the camera is best in Xiaomi Mi 8. If you are looking for a phone at a low cost with high-quality camera features, then Xiaomi Mi 8 is the one. The sharpness of the image is outstanding and the portrait modes are very good. The portrait mode image added in MIUI 10.0 with front facing camera looks cool.

The dynamic range is excellent and the pictures are very good in comparison with images taken from other android phones.

Final verdict

The above Xiaomi Mi 8 review would have helped in making a decision. In short, it has many outstanding features. It can resemble any phone, but all that is important is cost. You can get the necessary feature at low cost means it is a better choice to make.

Few features like wireless charging and waterproof materials are missing. Except that, it has features that are in line with the latest models of this year. So without further thoughts, you can go for it.

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