Let the Fun Begin by introducing the new Google Pixel 2: Generating magic like never before

Let the Fun Begin by introducing the new Google Pixel 2: Generating magic like never before

As the world caters to the needs of various technological inventions, Smartphones are on the rise due to their excess flexibility in terms of its features.

One can rightly say that the modern era is the new era of the Smartphone or electronics, as all individuals are ruled by them. It’s not a matter of surprise that the whole digital market has risen by 30% in the last few years taking into account the incredible devices it has produced. Be it an IPad, MacBook, slim designer laptops or even dual camera phones, the technology industry has boomed itself owing to the customer requirements. It’s good to notice advanced devices being reproduced with certain modifications, making it even better for individuals to opt for such a device. However, with the introduction of Google devices with an Android support system, the transformation that has taken places has been enormous.

All Android Apps can be downloaded and installed through the Google play store and it’s not a matter of fact that there are other new features that have been introduced as well. Taking the whole tech industry by storm, Google has recently launched its product of the year which is the Google pixel 2. With a sleek design and catering to the modern aesthetics, the phone is a must buy for all those who feel that they need some extra spice in their lives.

Google Pixel 2-2

Google Pixel 2: a unique and versatile:

Not all Smartphones have that ability to make a good impression among its users. While some may have the best camera, others may lack in storage capacity. However, keeping all the drawbacks in mind, Google has specifically introduced exciting qualities that would make all phone lovers drool. Here is a list of all the best of features to watch out for when purchasing Google pixel 2-

  • Getting the best rates and reviews for its camera-

With its entry into the market, this phone has become the center of attraction. One can easily go for their passion for photography with this camera. With a 12.6MP front camera and 16MP rear camera, Pixel changes the whole photo taking and saving process. Plus, the phone also comes with an AR stick that helps in capturing the best moments.

  • Storage capacity-

With unlimited storage space, the phone can save all photos and videos in the best original quality. One can easily log into their Google account and Google photos can automatically save all them. There is no risk of losing any photos or videos.

  • Search option-

An amazing technology named Google lens helps individuals to search and see anything around the world. By opening this app, anyone can learn about various artifacts or landmarks anytime.

  • Google assistant-

This feature is more like a personal assistant to all and pixel 2 has this already in its built-in system. One can easily command anything and the assistant is ready to do it. Whether it’s a cab booking or a table at a restaurant, from bill payment reminders to wake up, this assistant is an all-rounder to watch out for.

  • Water resistant Smartphone-

Well, it’s easy to watch the favorite movie even while taking a hot steam bath. With this water-resistant quality, it’s easy for photographers to click photos in water as well.

  • Smartphone’s Battery-

With 2700MAh lithium battery, the phone is long lasting and charges fast when plugged in. it doesn’t take much time to get charged as well and can run up to 10-12 hours without further charging.

  • Transferring of data-

It sometimes becomes difficult to transfer apps, files, photos, videos or movies, without having the right applications. However, pixel 2 can easily transfer anything and everything to various devices within minutes with the help of the Quick Switch Adapter. Just connect to the device and pixel does its magic.

Other Smartphone’s specifications to watch out for:

Google pixel 2 is not limited to just a few incredible features. Since it has blown away Smart Phone lovers, here are the other features that distinguish other devices from this beauty.

  • Sleek design with the slim surface.
  • 5.0’’ display screen for better viewing options
  • It measures 145*70*8 cms and is also light weighted.
  • The best operating system that the phone uses is Android 8.0.0 Oreo. It’s also the latest in the market
  • Comes with an MSM56 snapdragon processor and 64-bit octa-core
  • Enables good wifi and 4G calling services, with additional HD voice and video calling experience
  • It is equipped with all sensors like proximity sensor, gyroscope, barometer, temperature sensor, and others.
  • Supports GPS and also Bluetooth 5.00

The pros and the cons of Pixel 2:

Google pixel 2 has all the amazing features been clubbed together to satisfy all basic customer needs. Whether it’s app downloading or transferring files, the pixel has an efficient answer for everything. But there are certainly good and bad points that need to be highlighted upon.

Google Pixel 2 Advantages:

  • It’s design being modern, it’s light to carry around
  • The camera is great for capturing the best moments
  • The software is well built and has excellent features
  • The overall performance of the phone stands out against other smart devices

Google Pixel 2 Disadvantages:

  • During playing any music, the volume is difficult to adjust
  • Keeping with other devices available in the market, its compatibility is quite not up to the mark.

The final review about the Smartphone:

Google Pixel 2 is simply an awesome device to purchase simply for its incredible and wholesome features. Not only it has an excellent stand-up time, but also comes at an affordable price range between 30,000 to 40,000 rupees.  However, with more modifications coming into light, this smartphone is ready to launch itself again with some added qualities and more improved design, thereby improving the overall performance of the device.

The re-launching of the phone would surely create a great impact among the entire tech industry.

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