Galaxy S9 drop test: How Hard is the New Samsung?

The Guys at dropped a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S9 onto the sidewalk to see how much it can handle.

If there is something we have learn from almost a decade with Smartphones, is the fact that they wont interact so well with Hard surfaces, Specially if we dropped it on the sidewalk.  So, would the new Samsung Galaxy S9 be the same as its predecessors?. Lets note that it uses the same Gorilla Glass 5 used on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, on both front and back of the phone. Keep in mind that now the only version features curved edges on left and right.

The Galaxy S8 was famous for its fragile back side, It will crack very easily if dropped from 1 meter height. The screen was a different story, and it showed way more resistant than the Gorilla Glass on the back.  We most consider that the new Galaxy S9 is 8 grams heavier than the Galaxy S8, as well as 0.5mm thicker. To this facts add the edged screen that certainly wont go out unscratched when dropped.

Lets See what happened on the Drop Test:

The Guys at Cnet took the phone to a tragic ride on a San Francisco Sidewalk. They claim is the same sidewalk that claimed the iPhone X screen, and cracked it on the first drop. On their previous drop test, the drop height was around 1 meter, simulating an accidental from from your pocket.

On this test we can compare the hit the smartphone will take, since there was not control whatsoever of how the phone will land. They dropped the phone screen up first, to test how hard the back cover is. In fact the back cover hit first, however it was not in a flat position, it was sort of on a side. Even tho the screen was unscratched, the back side is being damaged very bad (check picture).

Galaxy S9 drop test

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Lets drop it again.

The second test was performed from the same height, 1 meter. This time the phone will go with the screen face down. Lets see if the new Samsung Galaxy S9 can take this hit and survive.

Well, it landed flat on the screen, and it didn’t even bounce. There is something that is a fact at this point; the back side got more cracks. But surprisingly, the Screen is in pristine condition. This certainly talks very good about the AMOLED screen and the Gorilla Glass 5 featured on this phone. We most add that with this same test, the iPhone X failed and fractured its screen when hitting with the screen facing the floor.

So, is that Galaxy S9 as hard as they say?

We have to say that even tho the back side cracked on this smartphone. The AMOLED screen survived the drop test. As the guys at Cnet say: the Sidewalk has claimed screens from many other smartphones, but the Galaxy S9 survived this time.

Congratulations to Samsung on their new phone, since this is the second phone in a row (Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9), that Survived the drop test.  When Samsung was asked how they made this possible, they did mention that the S9’s frame has been upgraded to 7000-series aluminum.



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