Everything You Need To Know About Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 plus

Everything You Need To Know About Huawei P20 Pro Android Smartphone.


People usually go for iPhones and Samsung because its interface is quick and simple with turning out solid results. However, Huawei’s P20 Pro offers to you the same simple experience with the Al & auto modes but if spending time with your camera is something that interests you a little more, then this is the perfect choice for you. Here are some of the specifications and reasons why you should be interested in buying this specific phone.


The build quality has been top notch for quite a long time and you can say so just by having a look at the last year models of Huawei. Although we would like to argue here that style has the same status as the built when talking in the context of any modern day technology & in this context, the P20 Pro has not disappointed the users. It has both style and the hardware required. This year, this has to be the only smartphone to have one of the best looks with its fabulous Twilight finish. It is not what you can exactly describe as subtle but it is definitely not similar to anything you will find on a smartphone.

Although the back is eye-catching, the front also has a lot going on. The Huawei smartphone has been here with the 6.1 inches LED screen that has 18:7:9 aspect ratio which implies that the screen of the Smartphone is a little longer than it is twice the width of the screen. Usually, 18:9 screens are much more common than the one in this Smartphone. However, the phone here will never feel uncomfortable or unwieldy. The colors on the display are punchy & vivid.

The P20 Pro has been rated IP67 as for water resistant & dust resistance & it also has survived a couple runs through the rain with no trouble. However, there is no headphone jack available. The packed in earbuds are much nicer than you will expect but the biggest surprise has to be the speakers – although they might sound a little hollow. They are among some of the loudest on smartphones.


No matter how much we say the P20 Pro’s design is the star of the phone, it is not. This position has to be given to the camera or rather we should say the very not sane Leica triple cameras on the back of the smartphone. The top one in the back camera has to be 8 mp telephoto lenses, the middle one is a 40 mp RGB lens & the bottom lens is 20 mp mono lenses. However, initially, it looked like overkill. Although, ultimately how these three come together has to be seriously special. However, there are some shortcomings but it is still special.

You do not need to have all the knowledge in the world about ISOs and apertures to click good pictures. However, the P20 pro has been taking very detailed, nitty-gritty & also pictures with great dynamic range even if you do not switch to the manual settings. The color accuracy is on point. Even in the low light which is thanks to the color temperature sensor which is pre-installed in the module.

Although you do have the option of 40 mp resolution, you are better off not using it as the sensors are sensitive and the smaller pixels do not really capture the light accurately. In this phone, by default, the camera (40 mp) shoots at 10 mp. Interestingly, Huawei P20 Pro is faster in clicking and processing the pictures than a lot of other smartphones along with the shooting speed & autofocus to rival with the Galaxy S9 & iPhone X.

  • Night Mode – This smartphone camera provides you with a devoted night mode that mixes a series of exposures from 3-6 seconds also depending on the light conditions. You can also make use of this handheld which is one of the most impressive technical advancement till date because a robot might be able to hold a camera perfectly still for that period of time. However, a human cannot. Night mode gives you shot that has the dynamic range far much better than any other mobile phone shooting in the same condition.
  • Low Light Shooting Mode – This is one of the modes that although called the artificial intelligence, is some intelligent processing. This is used throughout the camera as the Huawei P20 Pro acknowledges the nature & food scenes and also turns up the color saturation when this is done. However, this does sometimes go overboard if the aim was to show the picture in the natural colors but it can be turned off. So no problems.  This mode also comes with 3 times zooming lenses and 5 times zooming in the phone recognizes the text instantly & also sharpens it. Huawei has also claimed that other sensors have also been improvements to achieve the five times zooming clarity.
  • Video Shooting Mode – There are some better reforms in the video shooting mode, although not something to take this industry by storm but still some much better specifications. It will shoot your video at 4k resolution although without the stability. It also can shoot at ultra slow mode along with 960 fps implying that it can slow down the image 30 times.

Battery Life

Although the phone is only 7.6 mm thick, it also has a 4000 mAh cell which is notably larger than those of Samsung and iPhones. Draining the battery life in a day has to be a sign of you overusing your mobile phone.

There are 3 features in all totals that make the Huawei P20 Pro a special smartphone. These features are the extraordinary battery life, 3-times optical zoom, & also the ability of the camera to deal with the very low light scenarios. All in total, this smartphone is a good & beneficial buy this year.


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    I am not a young chap but I recently discovered a fascination with technology and a huge desire to become very digital. Thank you for this review on the P20

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