A guide to Samsung Galaxy Note Series

A guide to Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Samsung is one of the largest corporations in the world of electronic manufacturers. The smartphones of the company hold thirty-two point percent market share in the smartphone industry. The biggest competitor of the Samsung smartphone division in the market is Apple. However, the fierce competition does not have any significant effect on the sales of the smartphones of Samsung.

The company believes in innovation. Therefore, following their belief, they have successfully implemented many of the innovative ideas in their products. The latest innovative technology they brought in their smartphones is a curved screen, which no other company has been able to launch yet. One of their innovative and most popular product series is the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Samsung Galaxy Note

About the Samsung Galaxy Series

The company Samsung launched its first Android-based smartphones that were trying to incorporate the features of the tablet were the Galaxy Note models. The prime focus of the company in this series was one pen computing.

All of the Note models launched until now consisted of a stylus pen that incorporated a pressure-sensitive digitizer. Moreover, all the devices that come under this category have large screens and provide highly functional multitasking features along with split-screen technology. As these smartphones possess qualities of both smartphones and tablets, people often refer to them as phablets.

Since the launch of the initial model, here is a list of all the galaxy note series and their respective descriptions

  • Galaxy note

    – The company started its phablet venture in the year 2011 and launched the first model of the note series the Galaxy Note. The screen size of the smartphone was five point three inches and consisted of a stylus pen functionality. The product was a huge success and the company sold more than a million pieces of the model within the first two months of its launch.

  • Note 2

    – This model was the successor of the previous model and launched in the following year. The model was a great improvement over the previous one and consisted of many advanced features as compared to the previous one. The screen size was larger than the initial model and was of five point five inches. Moreover, the company upgraded the stylus pen and improved the digitizer. It also consisted of a new hardware design.

  • Note three

    – The smartphone company released its next model in the year 2013 and had a better and premium back made from plastic leather. The screen size increased even more and was of five point seven inches and the phone supported 4k video recording for about five minutes and had a 1080p display.

  • Galaxy Note three Neo

    – This model released in the year 2014 and was a downgrade version of the previous model. It contained all the features of the previous models and an eight-megapixel camera along with a 720p HD display screen. Moreover, it came with sixteen gigabytes of internal storage and a ram of two gigabytes. In addition, the enhanced stylus pen made the smartphone much easier to use.

  • Note 4

    – Within the same year of the launch of the previous model, the company launched its next product the Note 4. It released in 2014 and consisted of a plastic leather back covering.  The model came with exciting features like a large HD display screen of size five point seven inches, sixteen-megapixel camera, and an improved version of the stylus pen. This model specifically tried to copy the features of Galaxy S5.

  • Note edge

    – During the launch event of note 4, the company also introduced its next model note edge, which had a curved screen around the edges that gave a fabulous look to the smartphone. In order to make the feature cooler, the company managed to display notifications on the edges of the phone. The phone had a sleek design and gave huge profits to its developer company.

  • Note 5

    – The smartphone company announced the launch of this product in the year 2015 and focused on incorporating hardware specifications of Galaxy S6. The device supported a slot for a stylus pen, which worked on a spring load mechanism. The camera of this specific smartphone allowed public and private access and its users could even stream live videos on social media platforms like YouTube.

  • Note 7

    – The Company announced the note 7 in a press conference in the city of New York in the year 2016. This model focused on incorporating hardware features of Galaxy S7. This was the first device to have a support of USB-c connection. Moreover, the stylus had a fine pin that increased its convenience of usage. Although the product face battery issues and hence the product stopped coming into the market.

  • Note 8

    – This model launched in the previous year and consisted of a super large screen size of six point three inches and an infinity display. The device came with the most advanced processor of the time and hence supported great functionality. Moreover, the camera lenses are dust and water resistant making it more convenient to use anywhere at any point in time.

  • Galaxy Note 9

    – The Note 9 launched recently in this year and consists of a gold stylus pen. This model is an ideal example of a smart device as it contains many automatic features like auto sound switching. It consists of a four thousand-mAh battery and eight gigabytes of ram. The stylus pen has a Bluetooth enable feature.

The Android smartphones launched by Samsung are of the highest quality. Their giant display screens provide great comfort to the users. Moreover, their high performance does not allow the device to hang or create any other such problems. The company upgrades their technology with each new launch of their product and is undoubtedly one of the most reliable smartphone company in the world. Smartphone models like Galaxy S7, Note 8, and Note will maintain the dominance of the company in the smartphone market for a long time. Their unmatched durability and long battery life make them a trusted android smartphone device.

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    • Hilson Carter on November 27, 2018 at 5:06 am
    • Reply

    I have enjoyed my G.note three since its release . I find it a superb phone.One that suits all my present needs.
    The only problem is that i live in the country in an very old farm house with 2ft 6ins thick walls and therefore have very poor internet connections at times.
    I would have updated my phone ,but was told a new phone would not improve my signal.
    I am with O2 and have been with them since it was BT and my first mobile phone was a Phillips C12.
    We are Waiting for B4RN to be installed in the village and into our home.
    Which should improve the internet connection “God Willing”
    But until then I will stick with my GN3
    It is the best phone i have ever had.
    I believe “if it aint bust,don’t mend it”
    I would have no hesitation in recommending Samsung to anyone.

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