iConic – App Icon Set Creator

— iConic — Roca Software brings a useful yet simple tool For YOU, Developer! 

All developers know its a hard time creating your apps, so Why bother with creating the icons, when you could be programming? Well, here is the solution! Create your only Icon for that hard work, Let us resize all your the necessary icons whether those are for Macbook, iPhone or iPad.

Lets go and download a companion for your programming journey. This is the best resizer for your icons. Check this out:  How does it work? Just create a Icon for your app, Draw and drop,  Select the Set you need and Export… Thats all!

If you are looking for iPhone and iPad App icons, You Will get:

MARK: – iPhone Icons












MARK: – iPad Icons










MARK: – App Store Art


MARK: – Mac Icons



If you are looking for Mac OS X App Icons, You Will get:











Thanks for your Support, We look forward on helping You!