What is special about iPhone XS and its versions?

Iphone XS and IphoneXS Plus

What is special about iPhone XS and its versions?


There are two things that the technology has done. Firstly, it has made our life easier. Secondly, it has provided us with the realization that human thinking capacity has no end. Apple, a company established towards the latter half of the 20th century created quite a rage when it announced its first ‘Smartphone’ called the ‘Iphone’ in the year 2007. The ‘I’ in the phone stood for innovation and what innovation this phone was. It attracted consumers, created a market for itself and now has people working day in and out just to ensure that they can carry an Iphone in their pockets.

Apple has not been sitting idle too as they have rolled out a newer and a better version each year. The Smartphone has seen multiple changes from its size to the introduction of better IOS (the Iphone operating system). To a lot of hardware modifications.

The IOS is also exclusive to Apple devices online unlike the Android systems that could be used by multiple companies. Also, with constantly evolving design making it sleeker and more stylish, an Iphone is a handy thing to keep with multiple Apple generated apps that provides the ease to work out most of the stuff any place and at any time. The latest version to come out is called the Iphone XS and Iphone XS max.

What makes Iphone such a huge market favourite?

Undoubtedly, Apple has a Smartphone worthy of being on the top of the market positioning but there is more to it that makes it a customer favorite.

  • Design – The very first Iphone came with a novel physical architecture that only had a single button. Over the years, the button gained priority in its functionality as one could do multiple tasks through the same button via different touch patterns. With the new design, the button was done away with and was made completely touch-based. The design of each of the Smartphone was so well received that the other companies started to mime them and Apple had to get their design patented. Not just the IOS, the design of the Iphone also gets an upgrade with each passing year and therefore, acts as a huge factor in uplifting its popularity.
  • Power and Speed – The Apple products have always been known to be extremely fast and long-lasting. The same goes for its Smartphone. With a hardware that is extremely well compatible with the software, the phone does not hang much. Also, the charging of the phone does not consume a lot of time and can provide hours worth of running. The processing speed of the phone is comparable to a gaming console giving it a better performance than any other competing Smartphone.  Added to that, the charging portal keeps getting renovated each year with the latest addition being the wireless charging. The processor too keeps getting better with each passing year. Maintaining the customer loyalty by providing them with a better experience with every purchase.
  • Multimedia – The Iphone is not just an Iphone but every Apple product. The entire range of Apple products can be synchronized through a cloud system. The company’s products have exclusive branding to themselves. Apple’s music streaming platform could be used with the Iphone so can be its cloud facility. Also, with the Apple ID, users can recover or even get their data on other Apple products by simply logging in to their accounts. The Company also has a number of pre-installed apps that are already downloaded and installed in the Iphone when they are bought. Such tools can help in enriching the overall experience of using the Smartphone. The multimedia features, too, get an upgrade through hardware with the current being the wireless earphones feature.
  • Own App store – Since the product has its own IOS and design, it must not come across as a surprise that it also has its own app store from where the apps can be downloaded. With a huge number of apps in their repository and the modern app development making use of the cross-development platform to ensure their apps could run on both IOS and the other operating systems. Apple has created a niche for itself. The whole process is user-friendly and the apps could be downloaded easily. The apps range from music apps to chatting to social media apps to any app that could be used for official purposes. This enables an all-round experience for a person possessing the IOS-based device.

The new Iphone XS and Iphone XS Max

The latest entrant into the world of Smartphone is the Iphone XS and Iphone XS Max. They are the 2018 products of the Iphone and have already seen a sense of excitement coming their way. Their technical specifications are something that is grabbing the attention.

  • Both the Iphone versions come in three colours – Silver, Space Grey and Gold
  • There are three variants to both the phones – 64GB, 256GB and 512 GB
  • The size of the phone is where they differ. While Iphone XS weighs roughly 177 grams and has a width of 2.79 inches with a depth of 0.3 inches. The Iphone XS Max weighs 208 grams with 3.05 inches of width and 0.3 inches depth.
  • The display of both the phones is different two. Iphone XS has 5.8 inches of super retina HD display with a resolution of 2436×1125 pixels at 458 PPI whereas the Max version is slightly bigger with 6.5 inches of super retina HD display and a resolution of 2688×1242 pixels at 458 PPI. Both the models, however, offer 3D touch and a true tone display
  • Both the phones have a dual 12-megapixel camera alongside the face unlocking feature that was released last year.

All in all, Apple has been a company that has regularly rolled out enviable products and with its latest offering, it has gone a step further. The market, too, has been faithful to it with its return on the investment and based on the current trends. The company seems to have an even brighter future in the years to come.

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