Photo Editor – Beauty Editor: Suit All your needs.

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Photo Editor that suit all your needs.

Looking for a filter app and photo editor? , camera editing, photo filters, picture editor effects, camera editing All in one app is here for you! the best beauty editor is now up on the store. use image filters to enhance your pictures. Camera editing Application with all the features you need:

– beauty editor
– photo editor
– camera editing
– photo filters
– picture editor effects
– beauty editor
– image filters
– Easy to Add HDR, photo effects & layer editing


Beauty Editor  and more.

photo editor, picture editor effects And more is just an example of the Tools you will fine on this program to Enhance your pictures. Photo filters is a Feature you wont find often on photo editor, However you can use Our app as a beauty editor and use all its image filters to add professional looking picture editor effects.

Use manual correction tools to highlight, fix or improve any part or object on your photo. Use mask correction tool to apply filters, effects or tune your photo selectively.

camera editing is not possible with our photo editor app. camera editing Is certainly an app you most have. photo filters Is a new feature you can add to your phone and do image filter to get a beauty editor effect. picture editor effects and photo filters on your hands.

Share on your Social Networks.

After you process an image with Photo Editor – Beauty Editor you can share the result via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks you Like. As well you can send them as personal messages or emails to your Family and friends.

Impressive text editing tool is designed for creation of nice-looking messages on your photos with rich collection of customizable fonts, color, textures and shapes.

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Real Calculator Themes – Build for Ipad

real calculator art

Real Calculator Themes – Big Buttons


Real Calculator With Themes and Big Buttons – Gives you a fresh and funny experience with a Calc. Enjoy our app and the many free Calc themes available.

– Different cute calculator themes with background and buttons!
– Simple calculator buttons a kids would love it when they see it.
– Big button calculator. Easy to tap on you iPad.
– No scientific buttons.
– Beautiful calculator button.
– Double Calculator.
– All calculator themes work as a real calculator.
– Full support for iOS 11.
– Full support for iPad.


Android Vs iOS; What’s the best for you?

android vs IOS. what do you choose?

Smartphones are the laptops we carry in our pockets. With access to smartphones the reel only gets more real with each passing day. With astounding iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus features, the latest update IOS 11.3 beta, the battle of winning the mobile OS is still on. From chronicle expansion use of smartphone to being relied upon the reciprocation by our personal assistants; be it Siri or Alexa to answer even the fine crux in the moment; we’ve come afar.

But let’s hop back to the niche, the fuel of the topic; Which OS works better? Android or iOS?

Let’s focus on the key differences.

  • Android has an installed user base with 2.2 million apps in the app store.
  • iOS, on the contrary, believes in quality over quantity to make the kill.
  • All the more, worldwide App downloads by Google Playstore were almost 135% more than the iOS Apps Store.


  • But with the number comes a great risk of security.
  • Android has an open system, which means the software vendor offers to customize the OS which is open to all. The files can be downloaded, which has a risk to infect the Android device. In contradiction to it, Apple OS is a simple and enables transparency, valuing user privacy and security, which is clear in itself that it’s a closed system.
  • The malware exists in both, iPhone as well as Google, if a dogdy file is downloaded.



  • Plus, one of the user advantages of Android Apps over iPhone Apps is that, Android lets you set up phone just the way you want it; the Home screen, the appearance, the control is in the user’s favour.


Look and feel

  • IPhones are luxuriously beautiful.
  • The rich Android phones, too, if the Samsung S7 model is counted. The rest are as average as the other models.

iCloud vs Google photos

  • As an android user, Google provides unlimited storage capacity of photos, videos, with fun and ease to access its applications and services.
  • The problem with iCloud still lies in its backup insufficiency, authentication, synchronisation etc.



  • iPhone holds its share of a lion in the camera quality, period.
  • No doubt, some of the Android phones are too, but iPhone overbeats Android.



These differences are mere teeny tiny, suffice to say, that the real mobile OS battle is fought not amongst the users but the corporate giants in an effort to stay barely a step ahead, which is not of critical importance.

There is no particular difference, as to which is the best globally, and on practical terms nobody views it with an argumentative intention. Also, needless to say, users do occasionally differ from iPhone to Android, only to meet their requirements which vary from services, apps, interface etc.

So the bottom line, go-to answer will remain the same. Nobody is the winner. They complement each other and they both have their own flaws and advantages, based on user preferences. They act as the mere interface between us and the virtual reality of knowledge that envelopes the smartphone.

Importance of Internet marketing on your brand.

paid advertising and internet marketing

We almost utilize 14.4% time of our everyday routine on digital media, which is to say, we’re no far from spending most of our time in the digital virtual world. The revolution of electronic devices has given birth to so many innovative ideas, among which paid advertising and internet marketing are some of it. Literally, some of it.

There used to be a time where marketers strategically planned and displayed advertisements on billboards. But now? We cannot think of billboards having a future, when we’re not even ready to lift our heads up from smartphones; our eyes glued to it, barely noticing whose even sitting right next to us. So, with the burial of billboards, advertisers gave rise to internet marketing strategies.


Out of the nutshell

  • With rise in Google, it spread it’s beams of intangible services.
  • The advertisers used it as a platform to display their websites on top via search queries by means of bidding.
  • That gave rise to Google Adwords; a platform to auction for advertising programs.
  • It’s a two way profit process. The companies have earned sky high amounts of profits.

And this is how, Internet marketing age began. From freelancers, to entrepreneurs, to businesses, even to recruit talents, everything was infinite beyond the windows of internet.


Money plays

What we see on social media (a sub category of Internet marketing) seems all fun and games, until we realize that it’s all planned. Even the fun part was planned in order to gain traffic. Period. That’s how much Internet marketing has set its footprints, and continues to widen.

Nothing worth comes for free. If a company has to market its brand, product, service to reach its target customers, they have to pay; irrespective of the medium, search engine, social media etc.

One word for this is Pay Per Click, for which advertisers pay each time their ads have been clicked or visited.


How does it benefit

  • Paid advertising and internet marketing are all money and number games.
  • For social media, more the followers, more the money earned, for the advertising agencies, more the clicks and subscriptions, more the monetary gains.
  • People visiting your site.
  • The conversion rate of visitors to customers is of a higher possibility because seeing is believing. People have seen it, read it, so they believe it. As simple as that.
  • The bandwidth reach is global irrespective of physical presence of the viewers or clients.
  • Reduces cost and eases to manage multiple tasks with time management.
  • Everything is calculated, measured, optimised, and automated in internet marketing.
  • One can filter out the target audiences based on various factors like demographics, psychographics etc.
  • It’s a continuous learning and growth process. One can quickly learn from the mistakes and can refine them coming out more amplified.
  • Helps maintain relations with previous clients and loyal customers.


Internet Marketing: Conclusion

Have fun while we earn. The risks, the productivity, the creativity all has given a new upliftment with the internet marketing and paid advertising planning.

Mobile Apps: How are changing our life

how mobile apps are changing our life

Mobile Apps: how are changing our life.

Emerging technology is making our daily life easier and efficient both. The zeal of digitization is bringing many facilities to the world, Smartphone is one of them. They are proving best and helpful in many ways whether it is about performance or longevity.

One of the most prominent aspects is applications in a modern phone; this is why they are known as Smartphone. Mobile App plays a significant role in a Smartphone as they make your important tasks easier which requires mobile interfaces.


Role of Mobile Apps:

These Mobile Apps are creating a transformation in the way people are dealing with computing. There was a time when we had to browse and operate computer for our important tasks such as checking mails, money transfer and many more. Now when there are various type of application available in our small mobile phone, we are no more required to visit official websites via system interface.

We can perform various tasks with the help of these mobile phone apps. Here some points mentioned below which are describing the importance of mobile apps:

Android Apps

Android app helps in dealing with daily life’s issues such as shopping, money transaction and many more. There are numerous apps available in the markets which are making our daily issues simple. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • Shopping apps: Using these application you can do shopping by sitting at your home only. All you are required is the perfect application which provides best shopping experience.
  • Business apps: These business apps are those apps which deal with business norms and tactics. They are generally created for the ease of operating your websites or related queries based on your business . This comes along with handling billing, booking, sending mails, buying or tracking your firm’s work progress. All of them are making your business tasks easier also they can be easily operated from your Smartphone.
  • Education apps: They are the apps which is very helpful towards students whether in junior sections or senior. These applications are providing lot of knowledge to the students on their studies.
  • Cooking apps: If you love cooking, you may use various apps based on food making and providing various recopies such as domestic and continental cuisines. Each and every type of information can be easily accessible with the help of this application.
  • Communication apps: They are the most important applications in any Smartphone, as they provide you the most efficient medium of communicating your relatives, friends etc. There are various communication applications are available nowadays, such as Whatsapp, hike or Skype. These apps lets you contact other person in couple of minutes, all you need to have is internet connection. With these communication apps, distance problem is getting evaded and people can stay in each other’s contact without facing any major difficulty.
  • Matrimonial apps: They are the latest kinds of apps which are trending in App market nowadays, gone those days when you were restricted to browse your desired match through these matrimonial websites. Now you can install mobile applications in your Smartphone and easily operate these websites in a pocket form.
  • Gaming apps: They are the most popular category of apps where you can operate and enjoy your favorite games as Mobile app, these applications enable you to enjoy the mobile gaming fun experience. Well known game’s mobile versions are being created by developers which are making mobile gaming thriving.

Hence, these Mobile app are making people lives easier and efficient both, they are helpful as well as coherent when come to performance. Whether iOS or Android OS, both are same in this prospect of Smartphone’s applications.

Smartphones and Mobile Apps Market

mobile apps market

Our’s is an era of technology and development; we are surrounded by new and innovative ideas that have made a deep impact on our lives. Keeping in mind the present scenario, it won’t be wrong to say that we are totally dependent on technology for every work of our’s. It is very hard for us to imagine even a single day without using our computers and smartphones.

There used to be a time when only few among the crowd were termed as smart and intelligent people but now in today’s time. Even the mobile phones are smart as well (smartphones). With the increase in demand for new electronic gadgets like smartphones and laptops, several techno companies have started to develop and market their products and services as per the requirements of the customers.

The mobile apps industry is also blooming at a very rapid pace, launching new, innovative and creative mobile apps which can run on several platforms like android and iOS. After conducting proper research and collecting relevant information from the market, the app developers are coming up with various kinds of smartphones applications thereby grabbing all the opportunities available in the economy.


Look out for some of the best Virtual Read Android apps in the Market:

Designed by the techno giants Google, Android is an operating system especially developed for smartphones, T.V, cameras, etc. It is one of the most famous mobile operating system software and is used by billions of people around the world. Android Smartphone users can install or download a bunch of incredible applications that are designed and developed for such platform.

In order to satisfy the ever-increasing demand of the people, the app developers are forthcoming with variety of unique android apps on a regular basis. One of such application that has attracted the attention of many users is the Virtual Reality apps. These apps are designed in such a manner that it provides the user with an interactive virtual environment somewhat like a 3-D effect.

Now the users can enjoy a completely different experience while watching any online videos or movies on their smartphones. Also, virtual reality apps are useful for those who are interested in reading novels, books and magazines. You don’t need to purchase such magazines from the market for there are many new android apps that allows the user to download any article or novel of their interest and read it on the smartphones itself.


More to know about the apps:

Such virtual read applications are also beneficial for students as it offers an entirely different way of learning. Many of the schools and colleges nowadays have introduced interactive classrooms where the students get a chance to see and learn the new concepts in a much more convenient style. Even some of the boring lectures can now be improved to a fascinating one providing for an advanced way of education.

In this busy and hectic life, we don’t even get time to read newspapers and articles; but with the introduction of these new applications in the market. We can get all the news and information on our smartphones as well. In comparison to reading actual magazines, going through a travel related article via virtual reality apps is quite a lot more fun. While reading we can also see some of the pictures and videos related to the places and all these experiences will look so real.

In addition to all the mentioned benefits, these mobile apps offers us to view the world with a completely different perspective. Making things a lot more wonderful.

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