Importance of Internet marketing on your brand.

paid advertising and internet marketing

We almost utilize 14.4% time of our everyday routine on digital media, which is to say, we’re no far from spending most of our time in the digital virtual world. The revolution of electronic devices has given birth to so many innovative ideas, among which paid advertising and internet marketing are some of it. Literally, some of it.

There used to be a time where marketers strategically planned and displayed advertisements on billboards. But now? We cannot think of billboards having a future, when we’re not even ready to lift our heads up from smartphones; our eyes glued to it, barely noticing whose even sitting right next to us. So, with the burial of billboards, advertisers gave rise to internet marketing strategies.


Out of the nutshell

  • With rise in Google, it spread it’s beams of intangible services.
  • The advertisers used it as a platform to display their websites on top via search queries by means of bidding.
  • That gave rise to Google Adwords; a platform to auction for advertising programs.
  • It’s a two way profit process. The companies have earned sky high amounts of profits.

And this is how, Internet marketing age began. From freelancers, to entrepreneurs, to businesses, even to recruit talents, everything was infinite beyond the windows of internet.


Money plays

What we see on social media (a sub category of Internet marketing) seems all fun and games, until we realize that it’s all planned. Even the fun part was planned in order to gain traffic. Period. That’s how much Internet marketing has set its footprints, and continues to widen.

Nothing worth comes for free. If a company has to market its brand, product, service to reach its target customers, they have to pay; irrespective of the medium, search engine, social media etc.

One word for this is Pay Per Click, for which advertisers pay each time their ads have been clicked or visited.


How does it benefit

  • Paid advertising and internet marketing are all money and number games.
  • For social media, more the followers, more the money earned, for the advertising agencies, more the clicks and subscriptions, more the monetary gains.
  • People visiting your site.
  • The conversion rate of visitors to customers is of a higher possibility because seeing is believing. People have seen it, read it, so they believe it. As simple as that.
  • The bandwidth reach is global irrespective of physical presence of the viewers or clients.
  • Reduces cost and eases to manage multiple tasks with time management.
  • Everything is calculated, measured, optimised, and automated in internet marketing.
  • One can filter out the target audiences based on various factors like demographics, psychographics etc.
  • It’s a continuous learning and growth process. One can quickly learn from the mistakes and can refine them coming out more amplified.
  • Helps maintain relations with previous clients and loyal customers.


Internet Marketing: Conclusion

Have fun while we earn. The risks, the productivity, the creativity all has given a new upliftment with the internet marketing and paid advertising planning.

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