Android Vs iOS; What’s the best for you?

android vs IOS. what do you choose?

Smartphones are the laptops we carry in our pockets. With access to smartphones the reel only gets more real with each passing day. With astounding iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus features, the latest update IOS 11.3 beta, the battle of winning the mobile OS is still on. From chronicle expansion use of smartphone to being relied upon the reciprocation by our personal assistants; be it Siri or Alexa to answer even the fine crux in the moment; we’ve come afar.

But let’s hop back to the niche, the fuel of the topic; Which OS works better? Android or iOS?

Let’s focus on the key differences.

  • Android has an installed user base with 2.2 million apps in the app store.
  • iOS, on the contrary, believes in quality over quantity to make the kill.
  • All the more, worldwide App downloads by Google Playstore were almost 135% more than the iOS Apps Store.


  • But with the number comes a great risk of security.
  • Android has an open system, which means the software vendor offers to customize the OS which is open to all. The files can be downloaded, which has a risk to infect the Android device. In contradiction to it, Apple OS is a simple and enables transparency, valuing user privacy and security, which is clear in itself that it’s a closed system.
  • The malware exists in both, iPhone as well as Google, if a dogdy file is downloaded.



  • Plus, one of the user advantages of Android Apps over iPhone Apps is that, Android lets you set up phone just the way you want it; the Home screen, the appearance, the control is in the user’s favour.


Look and feel

  • IPhones are luxuriously beautiful.
  • The rich Android phones, too, if the Samsung S7 model is counted. The rest are as average as the other models.

iCloud vs Google photos

  • As an android user, Google provides unlimited storage capacity of photos, videos, with fun and ease to access its applications and services.
  • The problem with iCloud still lies in its backup insufficiency, authentication, synchronisation etc.



  • iPhone holds its share of a lion in the camera quality, period.
  • No doubt, some of the Android phones are too, but iPhone overbeats Android.



These differences are mere teeny tiny, suffice to say, that the real mobile OS battle is fought not amongst the users but the corporate giants in an effort to stay barely a step ahead, which is not of critical importance.

There is no particular difference, as to which is the best globally, and on practical terms nobody views it with an argumentative intention. Also, needless to say, users do occasionally differ from iPhone to Android, only to meet their requirements which vary from services, apps, interface etc.

So the bottom line, go-to answer will remain the same. Nobody is the winner. They complement each other and they both have their own flaws and advantages, based on user preferences. They act as the mere interface between us and the virtual reality of knowledge that envelopes the smartphone.

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